I work in several different kinds of media including data, photography and sound. My generative work uses common analog electronics as a medium for data visualization. This data reveals a complex and mathematically grounded world hidden in the mundane objects that surround us. My photography is mostly architectural and explores composition and texture. Sound works range from experimental compositions using glitched toys and keyboards to punk rock tunes.

Facet mapping between controllers and interfaces

This project evaluates the usability impact of perceived visio-spatial correspondence between a tangible user interface and a 3D object which the interface is controlling.   The question we set out to answer was do the faces, axes or vertices of a tangible user interface need to correspond to the data set that it is controlling.


Motorized Pantograph drawings

This pantograph was made using three record players and two yard sticks for the arms. The drawings (similar to a Lissajous curve) are a function of the frequency, amplitude, phase and modulation of the pen over time. This was a fun way to illustrate mathematical concepts using the analog world.

Hardware prototyping with Axure

I hacked this together from a keyboard and tape dispenser lying around the office. It uses Axure's onKeyUp event as input from the tape dispenser. The circuit is closed when the tape roll is inserted into the dispenser. Kind of a no-brainer but it did require locating the keyboard button tx/rx pins and reversing the usual operation (onKeyPress) to create a "listener" for the event.


Punk band

This is the most recent punk band I was in. I played drums on these tracks and co-wrote most of these tunes.


Found sound composition

This draft composition uses some found sounds and samples from glitched keyboards. The Russian is the from the UVB-76 numbers station.

Vibrobot drawing robot

"Vibrodraw" bot

This little device uses the vibrations of an eccentrically loaded DC motor to draw patterns. Variables are amount of eccentricity of load, length of the shaft, drag of the pens (i.e. ballpoint or felt-tip) and the resistance of the paper.


Concrete Lamp

I prototyped this lamp up using some old parts that were lying around. The mold for the concrete is an old plastic yogurt container. Yeah, the lamp isn't level on the concrete. Another challenge was properly shielding the switching hardware from the wet concrete. This one shows iteration 3 or 4 (I don't remember).


Kinect CV using Arduino (Coming Soon)

This is a 'hello world' using Daniel Shiffman's awesome Kinect point cloud code. I want to (eventually) use this as part of an autonomous, indoor dirigible.


Analog generative art

This drawing was done using an old Sony Walkman. I pulled the door off it and attached a pencil to the playhead using some semi-flexible wire. This is the result of running it for about 3 hours.